Procter and Gamble, Take Two

Columbus, Ohio -- August 4th, 2O2O

This past week, I completed my second internship at Procter & Gamble. While a completely different experience from last summer, I have truly enjoyed my time working virtually on the Product Supply Data Science team.

This summer, I set out to create a representative model of the P&G supply chain in Python. At first, this task may sound simple, but upon further review, one will note that there are dozens of processes working together to ensure excellent efficiency and service from production through delivery. As a result of this complexity, the first few weeks of my summer revolved around learning these intricacies from members of the award-winning P&G product supply team. After gaining confidence in my knowledge, I began planning and then coding my model, which once completed, could take a number of variable settings and simulate resulting outcomes given specified changes in the supply chain, such as lowering safety stock or changing forecasting tools.

The project was a success! After completing the model, I set out to do a run on a scenario the Fabric Care team was interested in testing. I validated the model, ran the different scenarios and was able to deliver sound analysis on the potential effects of the requested scenarios. The team was happy with the results and are now able to consider decisions with more evidence backing them.

A few learnings from this summer:

It is possible to make friends in a completely virtual setting!

There can be incredible value produced by faithfully following the engineering process.

Questions are key.

Jupyter Lab is really nice.